Other wedding music sites

The pages listed below are included only because they have useful repertoire suggestions (with or without sound samples) for both church and civil weddings. I am in no way promoting or commenting on the CDs or artists that may be featured on the sites, and that is why I am only showing URLs here rather than site titles. Also some of the items have religious content and will be unsuitable for UK civil wedding ceremonies. Please email me if you come across any other pages that you think would be helpful to visitors or have any comments on these links.

http://www.classicalwedding.co.uk/index.htm UK site that helps you choose music for a traditional church wedding service, and includes music examples of hymns, anthems and voluntaries.

http://www.weddingglobe.com/songs.asp US site linked to Amazon with Real Audio samples. Seems very comprehensive.

http://www.weddingusa.com/plan/angel.htm short, but useful article on choosing wedding music.

http://www.weddingvendors.com/music/ selling site for CDs but, if you can stand the popups, it contains useful lists of music for the different parts of a wedding.